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Restore Haiti

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Education For all
Restore Haiti                                                                      
                                        Education For All
Restore Haiti is dedicated to bringing support and hope to disadvantaged schools in impoverished cities of Haiti.

We recognize the children of Haiti are the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.  We are committed to building schools, providing financial support, encouraging child development, and responding to the problems that face these vulnerable children today.

The people of Haiti place a very high value on education and yet the resources to provide such instruction are hindered by political upheaval, extreme poverty, natural disaster, and the scarcity of public schools.

Restore Haiti hopes to help ease the financial burden which prevents Haitian schools from providing the precious gift of education.  We are committed to supporting one school at a time.  Whether it’s building a school from the ground up, securing sponsorship for teacher’s salaries, donating desperately needed school supplies, providing training to school staff, we need your support to bring hope to the children of Haiti.  Join us in making a difference in the life and future of a child
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